Mapping Perception (2002)

Short Documentary | UK | English | 37m
Dir: Andrew Kötting & Mark Lythgoe | Ph: Gary Parker | Prod: Giles Lane | Mus: Toby Mcmillan | Ed: Russell Stopford | Ani: Leila Mcmillan | Snd: Toby Mcmillan | Featuring/Cast: Andrew Kötting, Eden Kötting, Etta Kötting, Leila Mcmillan, Billie Mcleod-Kötting, Dudley Sutton, Benji Ming, Mark Lythgoe

Kötting’s typically irreverent, yet informative, documentary examines the causes and effects of Joubert syndrome – a rare hereditary brain disorder, which affects both the motor and intellectual development of its sufferers. The star, as with so many of his films, is his daughter, who was born with the syndrome in 1989, and around whom this formally and intellectually playful examination revolves.