Louyre: This Our Still Life (2011)

Short Documentary | UK | English | 58m
Dir: Andrew Kötting | Mus: Scanner | Narrators: Alex Rodgers, Claudia Barton | Featuring: Andrew Kötting, Eden Kötting, Leila McMillan

Kötting’s enjoyable film documents the life of his family at their remote Pyrenean home between 1989 and 2010, with particular attention given to his Joubert syndrome-suffering daughter, Eden – though suffering is perhaps the wrong word, as she seems uncommonly filled with joy and life. With typically inventive and playful mise en scène, the idiosyncratic film-maker explores every nook and cranny of their rustic home, capturing the joys of family life against the passing of the seasons, whilst the soundtrack reverberates ethereally to the tunes of Scanner overlaid with gently and poetically philosophical musings.