My Effortless Brilliance (2008)

Feature Film | Drama | USA | English | 1h19m
Dir: Lynn Shelton | Scr: Basil Harris, Jeanette Maus, Sean Nelson, Calvin Reeder, & Lynn Shelton | Ph: Benjamin Kasulke | Prod: Mark Price & Lynn Shelton | Mus: Ted Speaker | Ed: Sean Donavan & Lynn Shelton | PD: Jasminka Vukcevic | Snd: Vince Smith | Cast: Basil Harris, Jeanette Maus, Sean Nelson, Calvin Reeder
Having parted ways two years previously on bad terms, a self-absorbed novelist pays a surprise visit to a former friend at his remote woodland shack. Initially, the welcome he receives is a decidedly frosty if, never the less, sufficiently polite one. However, with the introduction of a third party and a great deal of alcohol, the icy atmosphere slowly begins to thaw, in this disquieting, blackly comic character study. The remarkably compelling yet unshowily naturalistic performances of Harris, Nelson, and Reeder perfectly compliment Shelton’s gently sensuous yet tautly atmospheric direction, giving captivating life to the film-maker’s fascinating scenario.