Berth Marks (1929)

Short Film | Comedy | USA | English | 19m
Dir: Lewis R. Foster | Scr: H.M. Walker | Ph: Len Powers | Prod: Hal Roach | Ed: Richard Currier | Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harry Bernard, Sammy Brooks, Baldwin Cooke, Paulette Goddard, Charlie Hall, Pat Harmon, S.D. Wilcox

As Stan and Ollie struggle idiotically to get both into a sleeping berth and out of their clothes whilst on a passenger train heading towards a vaudeville gig in Pottsville, a mass clothes-ripping brawl of their causing rages in the main compartment. Seldom more than mildly chucklesome, much of the action in this Laurel & Hardy short actually proves rather drawn-out and even quite tedious. However, the film’s double punch line is something of a cracker, and just about makes it worth a watch.