Beware of Dog (1992)

Short Film | Thriller | USA | English | 29m
Dir: Chris Dellorco | Scr: James Merendino | Story: Chris Dellorco | Ph: Tracy Trotter | Prod: Holly Macconkey | Mus: Tim Truman | Ed: Steven Nevius | AD: Clare Brown & Melissa M. Levander | Snd: John Chalfant | Cast: Justine Bateman, Rustam Branaman, Robert Curtis Brown

When their car breaks down in the desert, a married couple is forced to seek the aid of a strange man who lives alone miles from anyone else. Though his behaviour is decidedly odd, they find themselves with no option other than to grin and bear it whilst they await the arrival of a breakdown truck. However, as his demeanour becomes ever odder and the threat of violence becomes ever more palpable, so too does their paranoia grow. Inventive, visceral direction, unnerving plotting, perceptive characterisation, and a trio of fine performances (particularly from the intense Branaman) combine to thrillingly creepy effect.