How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989)

Feature Film | Comic Fantasy | UK | English | 1h30m
Dir: Bruce Robinson | Scr: Bruce Robinson | Ph: Peter Hannan | Prod: David Wimbury | Mus: David Dundas & Rick Wentworth | Ed: Alan Strachan | PD: Michael Pickwoad | AD: Henry Harris | Snd: Alan Paley | Cast: Richard E. Grant, Rachel Ward, Richard Wilson, Jacqueline Tong, John Shrapnel, Susan Wooldridge, Hugh Armstrong, Mick Ford, Jacqueline Pearce

In Robinson’s brilliantly black satirical comedy, a successful ad-agent (the outstanding Grant), consumed with anxiety over a tough-to-market pimple cream account, comes over all truth-spoutingly conscientious and quits his job. However, when his behaviour takes a decided turn for the bizarre, a large boil begins to develop on his neck, and he becomes convinced that he has grown a second head, which gradually starts to take over his body, returning him to his old, no-nonsense, rampant-consumerist self. However, despite this turn of events, the battle between the two sides of his personality is not yet won... After watching this irreverent gem, it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to look at the world in the same way again. One of a kind.