Malice in Wonderland (2009)

Feature Film | Fantasy | UK/Bahrain/Spain/USA | English | 1h27m
Dir: Simon Fellows | Scr: Jayson Rothwell | Ph: Christopher Ross | Prod: Albert Martinez Martin & Mark Williams | Mus: Christian & Joe Henson | Ed: Justin Krish | PD: Lisa Hall | AD: Luke Stevens | Snd: Rodney Berling | Cast: Maggie Grace, Danny Dyer, Matt King, Nathaniel Parker, Bronagh Gallagher, Anthony Higgins, Steve Haze, Christian Patterson, Dave Lynn, Gary Beadle, Amanda Boxer, Paul Kaye

Whilst being chased through the streets of London by a pair of besuited heavies, a 19-year-old American girl gets hit a by a passing taxi, which knocks her unconscious and robs her of her memory. Its driver, a time-obsessed young man named Whitie, unable to hang around for assistance, bundles her into the back of his cab and sets off into the night. Before long, she is introduced to a neon-lit world of drugs, prostitution, and gangland violence, in this stylish, Lewis Carroll-tinged fantasy. Eye-catching photography, inspired production design, inventive dialogue, and a number of charismatic performances combine to entertaining effect. However, the ending, which wraps things up just a little too quickly and easily, takes the shine off somewhat.