Lady in Waiting (1971)

Columbo (1968-2003)
Television Episode | Crime Drama | USA | English | 1h15m
Dir: Norman Lloyd | Scr: Steven Bochco | Story: Barney Slater | Ph: Russell L. Metty | Prod: Everett Chambers | Mus: Billy Goldenberg | Ed: Edward M. Abroms | AD: Arch Bacon | Snd: David H. Moriarty | Cast: Peter Falk, Susan Clark, Jessie Royce Landis, Richard Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Joel Fluellen, Richard Bull, Garry Walberg

A wealthy woman plans to murder her domineering brother and take over the family business by making her shooting of him seem like an accident. However, as ingenious as her plan appears to be, she overlooks one key detail, which forces her to improvise at the last moment. And so, with her careful planning tarnished by chance, she exposes herself just enough to arouse the suspicions of a certain Lt. Columbo, who proceeds to pursue her mercilessly. Though the plot may not stand up to a great deal of scrutiny – details wise, at least – its general psychology feels decidedly, potently true, with the well-drawn character at its centre, brought to life with aplomb by Clark, proving one of the series’ more memorable killers.