Rich Hall's Inventing the Indian (2012)

Television Documentary | UK | English | 1h29m
Dir: Chris Cottam | Scr: Rich Hall | Ph: Mark Regan | Prod: John McCormack | Snd: David Lindsay | Presenter: Rich Hall | Featuring: Dallas Goldtooth, Charlie Hill, Leon Skyhorse Thomas, Ailema Benally, Sgt. Milton Bianis, Officer Kevin Rascher, Lenny Foster, Leonard Little Finger

British-based American stand-up Rich Hall travels around the United States, accompanied by Mdewakanton Dakota and Dińe comedian Dallas Goldtooth, exploring the continued exploitation and misrepresentation of American Indians by Hollywood film-makers. Employing acerbic, irreverent wit and righteous anger, the two funny men guide us critically through a wealth of old clips, contrasting the film industry’s insulting fabrications with the far more tragic reality of the various indigenous peoples’ actual plights. Well crafted, thoughtfully written, and impeccably presented, Rich Hall’s informatively entertaining docu-essay proves disquietingly hilarious viewing.