Short Fuse (1972)

Columbo (1968-2003)
Television Episode | Crime Drama | USA | English | 1h15m
Dir: Edward M. Abroms | Scr: Jackson Gillis | Story: Lester Pine, Tina Pine, & Jackson Gillis | Ph: Harry Wolf | Prod: Richard Levinson & William Link | Mus: Gil Mellé | Ed: John Kaufman Jr. | AD: Arch Bacon | Snd: Melvin M. Metcalfe Sr. | Cast: Peter Falk, Roddy McDowall, Anne Francis, James Gregory, Ida Lupino, William Windom, Steve Gravers, Lawrence Cook

An immature lawyer-cum-chemist-cum-photographer initiates a plan to murder his manipulative uncle, in order to take over his family’s lucrative chemical works. With all seemingly having gone to plan, he quickly turns his attentions elsewhere, and sets about manipulating his way past the few remaining obstacles between him and the director’s chair, but doesn’t count on the dogged determination of the investigating Lt. Columbo. Though vaguely silly and more than a tad camp, Short Fuse entertains throughout thanks to its suitably obnoxious killer, who is taken down very satisfyingly with a trademark Columbo trap.