Double Echo (1976)

The Mind Beyond (1976)
Television Film | Supernatural Drama | UK | English | 1h
Dir: Alan Bridges | Scr: Brian Hayles | Ph: John Treays | Prod: Irene Shubik | Mus: Joseph Horovitz | PD: Richard Henry | Snd: Brian Hiles | Cast: Jeremy Kemp, Anthony Bate, Geraldine Cowper, Clifford Rose, Diana Fairfax, Shirley Cain, Hazel Bainbridge, John Roden

A psychologist comes to believe that the acutely autistic 17-year-old girl that he has been attempting to treat is gifted with telepathic powers, and begins to exhaustively test her capabilities, enlisting the aid of a psychiatric colleague to impartially observe, in Hayles’s gripping supernatural drama. The film’s fantastical central conceit is delivered with a certain feeling of the everyday, giving it a strangely affecting and decidedly credible air, boosted by the fine performances of Kemp and Cowper.