Twinky (1970)

Feature Film | Comedy | UK/Italy | English | 1h38m
Dir: Richard Donner | Scr: Norman Thaddeus Vane | Story: Norman Thaddeus Vane | Ph: Walter Lassally | Prod: Clive Sharp | Mus: John Scott | Ed: Norman Wanstall | AD: Michael Wield | Snd: Garth Craven & Derek Holding | Cast: Susan George, Charles Bronson, Orson Bean, Honor Blackman, Michael Craig, Paul Ford, Kay Medford, Cathy Jose

In Donner’s mildly diverting relationship comedy, a 38-year-old American writer of erotic fiction marries his 16-year-old English schoolgirl girlfriend in a haze of love, lust, and legal worries. However, after they cross the Atlantic to live in his native New York, things soon begin to go predictably wrong, as their many differences come crashing to light. Haphazardly plotted and flashily edited, there is much here to dislike, but the pleasingly deadpan performances of Bronson and Bean, coupled with the charming turn of the perma-bare-thighed George keep it just about watchable throughout.