A Rather English Marriage (1998)

Television Film | Comedy-Drama | UK | English | 1h40m
Dir: Paul Seed | Scr: Andrew Davies | Novel: Angela Lambert | Ph: Gavin Finney | Prod: Jo Willett | Mus: Jim Parker | Ed: Dave King | PD: Michael Pickwoad | AD: Henry Harris | Cast: Albert Finney, Tom Courtenay, Joanna Lumley, John Light, Iain Jones, Katie Carr, Caroline Carver

After the deaths of their respective wives, a brash former RAF man and a meek retired milkman move in together, and the two, despite the odd bump in the road, soon form a mutually beneficial relationship, in this witty and moving television play. Finney and Courtenay are, of course, wonderful, but the plotting is a bit too contrived to fully convince. Still, the film will likely elicit enough laughs and tears to more than make up for its weaker moments.