United (2011)

Television Film | Drama | UK | English | 1h31m
Dir: James Strong | Scr: Chris Chibnall | Ph: Christopher Ross | Prod: Julia Stannard | Mus: Clint Mansell | Ed: Billy Sneddon | PD: Edward Thomas | Cast: David Tennant, Jack O'Connell, Sam Claflin, Dougray Scott, Dean Andrews, Kate Ashfield, David Calder, Neil Dudgeon, Tim Healy, Melanie Hill, Philip Hill-Pearson, Thomas Howes, Ben Peel

This handsomely crafted BBC drama documents Manchester United’s tragic 1957/58 season, from the breaking into the first team of 19-year-old Bobby Charlton (O'Connell), through the Munich air disaster – which resulted in the deaths of eight first team players in February ’58 – to the team’s against-all-odds reaching of the 1958 FA Cup final. Discreet direction, a sensitive script, striking photography, and fine performances (particularly from Tennant and O'Connell) combine to poignant effect.