Her Heart Still Beats (2011)

Short Film | Horror | USA | English | 25m
Dir: Christopher Di Nunzio | Scr: Christopher Di Nunzio | Story: Edgar Allan Poe | Ph: James Sullivan | Prod: Christopher Di Nunzio & Jason Miller | Mus: Nicholas David Potvin | Ed: Christopher Di Nunzio | Snd: Martin A. Begue | Cast: Fiore Leo, Leighsa Burgin, William Bloomfield, John Martellucci, Michael Capozzi

In Di Nunzio’s unnerving short film, which was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart (1843), a man explains to his arresting officers the reason why he murdered his wife and buried her in the woods, telling them that he had become murderously possessed with the thought that her eye had become infected with evil. Well-paced and strikingly photographed, with a chillingly convincing performance from Leo in the central role, this promising short has much to recommend it, but unfortunately the supporting performances are only merely adequate at best, whilst the score, in the early stages at least, often feels a little obtrusive.