Southern Comfort (1981)

Feature Film | Thriller | USA | English & Cajun French | 1h46m
Dir: Walter Hill | Scr: Michael Kane, Walter Hill, & David Giler | Ph: Andrew Laszlo | Prod: David Giler | Mus: Ry Cooder | Ed: Freeman Davies | PD: John Vallone | Snd: Gordon Ecker Jr. | Cast: Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward, Franklyn Seales, T.K. Carter, Lewis Smith, Les Lannom, Peter Coyote, Carlos Brown, Brion James

Members of a platoon of Louisiana National Guardsmen, on manoeuvres in a remote Cajun swamp, find themselves lost and fighting for their lives, when their blatant disrespect for the local population takes a turn for the bloody, in Hill’s engrossing allegorical thriller. Committed performances, strong writing, and some bold direction combine to decidedly powerful effect. The Cajun music, which dominates the film's remarkable climax, is also quite delightful.