35 Up (1991)

Television Documentary | UK | English | 2h3m
Dir: Michael Apted | Ph: George Jesse Turner | Prod: Michael Apted | Ed: Kim Horton | Snd: Nick Steer | Featuring: Andrew Brackfield, John Brisby, Suzy Dewey, Jackie Bassett, Lynn Johnson, Sue Sullivan, Tony Walker, Paul Kligerman, Nick Hitchon, Neil Hughes, Bruce Balden

Every seven years (since they were seven-years-old) a group of people from across the class spectrum have had their lives scrutinised in Michael Apted’s fascinating but often somewhat depressing documentary series. Having reached the age of 35, most are now married with children and careers, with their lives pretty much following the paths that one would expect. And so, with this in mind, it is the decidedly atypical life of the emotionally troubled Neil Hughes that remains the most captivating and, conversely, troubling of those examined.