Body Snatchers (1993)

Feature Film | Sci-fi Horror | USA | English | 1h27m
Dir: Abel Ferrara | Scr: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, & Nicholas St. John | Story: Raymond Cistheri & Larry Cohen | Novel: Jack Finney | Ph: Bojan Bazelli | Prod: Robert H. Solo | Mus: Joe Delia | Ed: Anthony Redman | PD: Peter Jamison | AD: John Huke | Snd: Mike Le-Mare | Cast: Terry Kinney, Meg Tilly, Gabrielle Anwar, Reilly Murphy, Billy Wirth, Christine Elise, R. Lee Ermey, Kathleen Doyle, Forest Whitaker, G. Elvis Phillips

In this stylishly effective adaptation of Kinney’s much filmed novel, an EPA inspector and his family stumble upon an alien conspiracy to clone the human race (one person at a time), when they arrive at remote army base in Alabama, leaving them with no option but to flee for their lives, aided only by a young chopper pilot, who takes an instant liking to the family’s teenaged daughter. Bazelli’s lighting and Ferrara’s mise en scène dazzle throughout, though the performances are something of a mixed bag, with Whitaker’s full-blooded cameo proving the pick. Wirth’s ironically (and perhaps deliberately) robotic turn also proves strangely captivating.