Funny Ha Ha (2002)

Feature Film | Drama | USA | English | 1h29m
Dir: Andrew Bujalski | Scr: Andrew Bujalski | Ph: Matthias Grunsky | Prod: Ethan Vogt | Ed: Andrew Bujalski | Cast: Kate Dollenmayer, Christian Rudder, Jennifer L. Schaper, Lissa Patton Rudder, Andrew Bujalski, Marshall Lewy

As her 24th birthday approaches, a drifting college graduate determines to get her act together. However, temp jobs, unrequited loves, spurned kisses, drunken parties, and unwanted romantic advances work against her, in this painfully honest and often soul-strokingly beautiful slice-of-life drama, which features an affecting central performance from the entrancing Dollenmayer. Filled with awkward encounters and inarticulate conversations, brought to life with a decidedly low-fi aesthetic, Bujalski’s debut is perhaps not for all tastes, but for those in tune with its DIY sensibility, it is often quite sublime.