Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Feature Film | Comedy | USA | English | 1h23m
Dir: Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass | Scr: Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass | Ph: Jas Shelton | Prod: Lianne Halfon, Jason Reitman, & Russell Smith | Mus: Michael Andrews | Ed: Jay Deuby | PD: Chris L. Spellman | Snd: Perry Robertson & Scott Sanders | Cast: Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer, Rae Dawn Chong, Steve Zissis

In the Duplass bothers’ surprisingly moving comedy, a 30-year-old pseudo-Buddhist stoner, who lives in his mother’s basement, finds his quest to discover his destiny interrupted by an incident-packed chance encounter with his shallow elder brother, who is going through marital problems. Whilst the two of them bond over their shared adventure, their mother also finds her life injected with excitement, as she discovers that she has a secret admirer at work. Segel excels in the central role, giving his most affecting performance to date, with more than able backing coming from the well assembled supporting cast. Andrews's bold score also proves noteworthy, in a generally well crafted film.