Twixt (2011)

Feature Film | Horror | USA | English | 1h24m
Dir: Francis Ford Coppola | Scr: Francis Ford Coppola | Ph: Mihai Malaimare Jr. | Prod: Francis Ford Coppola | Mus: Dan Deacon & Osvaldo Golijov | Ed: Kevin Bailey, Glen Scantlebury, & Robert Schafer | AD: Jimmy DiMarcellis | Snd: Richard Beggs | Narrator: Tom Waits | Cast: Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin, Elle Fanning, Joanne Whalley, David Paymer, Alden Ehrenreich, Anthony Fusco, Bruce A. Miroglio

A moderately successful (though frequently drunk) horror writer, on the road for a book-signing tour, works through the guilt and grief that he feels over the accidental death of his adolescent daughter, whilst collaborating with a small town sheriff on a vaguely fact-based book about vampires, in Coppola’s diverting little curio. Outlandish plotting and dreamily striking visuals hold the attention, but uncharacteristically lacklustre performances and some rather clunky dialogue detract somewhat.