La León (2007)

La león
Feature Film | Drama | Argentina/France | Spanish | 1h25m
Dir: Santiago Otheguy | Scr: Santiago Otheguy | Story: Santiago Otheguy & Juan Solanas | Ph: Paula Grandio | Prod: Catherine Barra, Pierre Rambaldi, Gonzalo Rodríguez Bubis, Pablo Salomón, Juan Diego Solanas, Aton Soumache, & Alexis Vonarb | Mus: Vincent Artaud | Ed: Valeria Otheguy & Sebastián Sepúlveda | PD: Sergio Rud | AD: Sergio Rud | Snd: Martin Litmanovich | Cast: Jorge Román, Daniel Valenzuela, José Muñoz, Juan Carlos Rivas, Mirta Duran Rivas

This mildly diverting slice-of-life drama gently paints a portrait of an island community in northern Argentina, centring on the daily routines of a quiet gay man, who leads a life of simple solitude, and a bullying river boat captain, who appears to resent the other man’s existence. Stunning black and white photography, alluring sound design, and a judiciously applied score caress the senses, in Otheguy’s deliberately paced mood piece, but the film’s ill-defined characters and unfocused plotting fail to engage.