Hacks (2012)

Short Television Film | Satirical Comedy | UK | English | 47m
Dir: Guy Jenkin | Scr: Guy Jenkin | Ph: Nick Dance | Prod: Jimmy Mulville | Mus: Philip Pope | Ed: Peter H. Oliver | PD: Matthew Gant | AD: Alison Adams | Cast: Michael Kitchen, Claire Foy, Phil Davis, Alexander Armstrong, Kayvan Novak, John Hopkins, Celia Imrie, Nigel Planer, Abdul Salis, Russ Abbot, Lisa Greenwood, Eleanor Matsuura, Stella Gonet, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy

In Jenkin’s very, very thinly veiled account of the recent News of the World/News International phone hacking scandal, a British tabloid newspaper, and consequently a global media empire, comes crashing to the ground when details of its decidedly underhand story-getting policies become public knowledge. Jenkin’s screenplay, though aiming at rather easy targets, is consistently funny and brought to life well by the talented cast. However, Claire Foy’s Rebekah Brooks-like editor is the only character afforded any sort of real depth.